Fight Us!!!


Forking is a good thing for free software games. Too many developers think that forking is bad because it spreads the community of developers out too far, a community that is already stretches too thin. But we disagree. The biggest hole in free software right now is not enough games, specifically, not enough fun games targeted at end-users. End Users who have limited computing power and are still running DosBox, ZSNES and/or WINE just to play favorite old school rpgs that do not have a free software equivalent that is just as much fun to play. What free software games there are tend to have several faults in them, such as being too hard for normal users, or too trivial, easy and boring. This is not to say that there are not good free software games, but simply that there are not enough of them. Forking good free software game projects allows developers to meet the needs of the user community rather than simply develop just another add-on module to an already popular game. To that End, when I have good information, I will put up the steps needed to fork a game project such as wograld and encourage those to do so who have goals significantly different from the Wograld Project.

Player Vs Player Combat

When we get to the beta testing stage, a server will go up. Then you can fight us (the evil developers) in game. Won't it feel good to finally kill the developers, those people who pretend to be way smarter, more persistent, and more useful than you.

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