Our Team

jastiv -Project founder and Lead Developer

Every project needs a foundation, something to give it life and turn it from a vague collection of ideas into a concrete reality. Jastiv has done all the website and management work for the project so far as well as figuring out what needs to be done. Jastiv has had many years experience playing RPGS, including Ultima Online, Diablo2, World of Warcraft, Phantasyrpg and Crossfire. This in depth knowledge of various rpg systems and pvp allows her to make game mechanic decisions that are outside the realm of a mere programmer or the more notoriously known entities are called, developers. She is also an artist and has worked on new art for Wograld. She also has also had to supply the energy for the project, the intangible motivation and drive that keeps it going.

gnurpgs -Lead Programmer

Programming is something you don't learn in school, as our lead programmer has found out. Starting from no prior C knowledge, and only one semester of classwork, gnurpgs has made his debut in wograld. He has also contributed a good deal of art for the game.

ritacon -Bug Tester

Every project needs some constructive feedback, and Wograld is no exception. Ritacon has been using Unix for a good number of years. She has also worked with us on bug testing our documentation as well as our code.

Wograld is hosted on SourceForge!

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