Unlike Crossfire, we intend to remove levels and put a skill system into the game. Skills will be gained through usage, similar to Ultima On line and World of Warcraft. You will also have to buy a skill up to a certain level before you can train it up. This is to prevent macroing by making crafting skills gain more world of warcraft style, instead of making thousands of wooden shields to gain one point in skill like certain other games.

Demon skill cap raising system.

Eventually, every neophyte gets to the point where the crafts he is practicing do not teach him anything he doesn't already know. And yet there are still several wonderful things that can be made that are just out of his reach. The end result of this is that the neophyte struggles against what is known as the skill cap. Even if he tries to make the more difficult things, he will fail over and over and not gain any skill. This does not just apply to crafts, but even things like combat and various forms of the healing arts. As a result, the neophyte must take some drastic step so that he can move forward in the world.

Combat skills

Combat skills fall into two types, weapon skills and black magic (or damage magic) skills.

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