Joining Us

Is the Wograld Project Right for you?

Everyone has heard the stories of how difficult it is to get unto free software projects. Because we are currently a rather small group however, we are not yet all that picky about how skilled you have to be. If you want to be part of the project, you will need to do some work to advance the cause of wograld. It will be awhile before anyone else outside the current core members will be trusted with cvs access.

Steps you need to take

It is required that you post on the message forum what you are interested in helping with and then get in contact with the current project lead remove the nospam. You should also make a sourceforge account if you have not done so already, and do not lose your password. Then you should contribute to the project, be it in code, art, documentation, or just helping the other project members.

Wograld is hosted on SourceForge!

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